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Weekly Recap: $DKNG, $AMC and $NKLA

The Good:


If you gambled on the online sports-betting giant DraftKings when it went public in April, you’re likely a very happy investor. Shares are up 170% since the public debut, and now a comprehensive ESPN deal has been announced. DraftKings will now be the exclusive provider of fantasy sports daily updates and co-exclusive partner for gambling link-outs coming from ESPN. DraftKing shares were slightly in the negative before the ESPN announcement, but jumped 17% after. This partnership follows the news from earlier this month of Michael Jordan joining the board as a special advisor, causing another rise. DraftKings connection to Disney and ESPN gives them unmatched access to most major sports.

The Bad:

AMC and Movie Theater Chains

Movie theaters and movie studios are in something of an awkward spot right now as they try to reinstitute an American standard: going to the movies. The problem? Americans simply aren’t ready. While international cinema is showing big numbers, domestic cinema, once a power-house, has stayed relatively flat since the beginning of the pandemic. While a loss of ticket sales was to be expected, what's troubling for the aforementioned companies is that American’s interest in theater-going has barely risen, with only 18% of people saying they’re willing to go to the theater. Last weekend, 60% of cinemas in America were reopened, while films grossed just $15 million in ticket sales, down by almost $100 million from the year before. Take Christopher Nolan’s would-be blockbuster, “Tenet,” which has grossed a mere $30 million in the US and Canada over 2 weeks, compared to $177 million internationally. This tepid opening caused a schedule shuffle, with the next major blockbuster, Marvel’s “Black Widow” arriving in November.

The Ugly:


When we last heard of Nikola last week, the EV maker had jumped 52% after garnering an investment from leviathan carmaker, GM. Today, Nikola is down almost 7% on the news that a short seller has accused the company of fraud, reportedly leading to an investigation by the SEC. Probes like these are not necessarily uncommon, and this one is reportedly in the early stages, but it has the potential to taint the recent 11% stake buy-in by GM. GM has moved quickly to get ahead of the story, pointing to the due diligence done by the company before the $2 billion deal took place. GM thus far has not specified what this due diligence entailed.

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