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Weekly Recap: $WMT, $NKLA and $AMC

The Good:


Walmart is getting in on the Tik Tok craze, as it looks to take a 7.5% stake and board seat in the US operations of the video-sharing phenomenon. Analysts are excited by the prospect of Walmart having direct access to an entirely new generation of consumers, with some calling it a “front row seat" to millennials and Gen Z. Walmart would join Oracle as a partial owner, with both aimed to use the app as a market research tool. The app has impressive national use, with 100 million active users in the US alone every month. The move represents Walmart’s growing interest expanding from a brick and mortar enterprise to a multi-faceted company, with its fingers in streaming and tech.

The Bad:


Nikola’s founder, Trevor Milton, is out following a forfeiture of $166 million in stock. That’s money he would have lost anyway following the release of a report by a short seller accusing Milton of making false statements about the company’s technology to engage investors. Milton’s resignation sent shares south, down in premarket trading as low as $24.97, the lowest opening price since the company went public on June 4th. The deal demands that Milton give up almost 5 million in restricted shares, while allowing him to walk away with 91.6 million shares that were worth over $3.1 billion. Milton has adamantly refuted the accusals by the short seller, and Nikola has agreed to pay his legal fees. While the leadership change damaged the current stock price, many analysts think this could be good for Nikola’s value in the long term.

The Ugly:

AMC and theater chains

Despite surfacing in America six months ago, the coronavirus is still having a major impact on movies and movie theaters. With closures of theaters nation wide, stocks like AMC have seen major losses as box office grosses have dwindled. Even as many states reopen their theaters at reduced capacity, several major markets, including New York and Los Angeles, remain closed. This last weekend, total ticket sales in North America were estimated at a total of $13.2 million, compared to $125 million over the same weekend in 2019. Continually poor numbers for Tenet, the first blockbuster released since the start of the pandemic, have anchored weekend sales. AMC stocks dropped 7% today. Only 18% of Americans feel comfortable returning to a cinema. The next major release is Disney’s Black Widow on November 6th.

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